Yukatel Bonus Programme

Yukatel's bonus programme: The points system for smart customers. As we know it from well-known providers, Yukatel GmbH also offers customer programmes that are primarily intended to say thank you for many years of loyalty. How exactly you get Yuka Points, how the system works and which bonuses you can receive, you will learn in detail in the following article.

Yukatel Bonus Programme - Yukapoints

Yukatel Bonus Programme - Yukapoints

The word 'yukapoints' has been mentioned many times now, but what exactly is it? And above all, what can I do with it?

It's actually quite simple to explain: you receive bonus points for each device purchased - the so-called Yukapoints.

If you have collected enough points, you can exchange them for merchandise value. In concrete terms, this means that you receive certain rewards for the points you have collected.

The advantage is that the premiums are always

To the details of the bonus programme

What sounds simple here is also simple and even outstandingly flexible! Not only existing customers are entitled to bonuses, but every new customer may register for our programme.

But let's take it one step at a time: You buy a product from us - if you want to participate in our loyalty programme, points will automatically be credited to your merchant account.

Once you have collected enough Yukapoints, you can exchange them for rewards such as the latest game consoles, headphones or even cosmetics or trips.

Would you like to learn more about Yukatel? Take a look!

Many interesting premiums

You will receive many interesting rewards! You have the choice of the latest game consoles, hip brand products, the best electronics and even cosmetics or travel.

But we also attach great importance to personal advice - call us and let us advise you, we have an open ear for every question!

You would like to collect points and have questions?

The bonus programme is easy to explain and in practice it is used almost by itself. The points go into your account with every purchase and can be accessed there at any time. Do you still have questions or requests? Then you can find more details in our detailed blog article on the subject of YUKApoints.

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