Geofence System

We often use a geofence system without noticing it directly. Geofencing sounds like a complex system, but it is used more often in our everyday lives than we would expect. The word is a combination of geographic and fence and describes the crossing or enclosure of a geolocated area. What sounds complicated is very easy to apply in practice. At least with the right tools. In the following article, we explain what terms such as gps geofence, geofencing in general or geofence system actually mean and what is meant by geolocated.

Geofence System - Definition

As already described above, geofence is a compound word and describes two meanings: a geographical location and a boundary by a virtual fence.

It is important to distinguish between an inner and an outer area. If the border is crossed, it is possible to initiate a message that reports the entry or exit of e.g. vehicles.

The process behind it

The GPS signal can be used to determine a location. This is necessary so that the position can be recorded and transmitted by mobile radio systems or via coordinates and navigation satellite systems.

How does it work? 

Via a GPS geofence signal, the tracked object transmits its location at regular intervals. Alternatively, there are models where the signal can be interrogated from outside. Both have advantages and disadvantages. But more about that later.

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