Telematics meets experts: The complex word describes a very versatile and interesting field. routecontrol explains a precise explanation and what exactly you can understand by the term. The subsidiary of Yukatel GmbH draws on a broad field of specialists, has many years of experience and is always in exchange with its customers. This means that they not only have extensive know-how, but they also know exactly what is required in practice. This makes them the perfect contact for all questions & information on the subject of telematics and fleet management. Convince yourself!


Telematics - What Does the Term Mean in General?

The term telematics consists of the two words telecommunications and information technology. It describes the networking of different IT systems. In this way, information from different sources can be connected with each other.

What else is behind it, we answer in our blog. The topic of telecommunication runs through our entire business divisions, especially our colleagues from routecontrol are experts in the field and take you into the world of telematics sensors, fleet management and fleet management systems.

Are you curious? Then take a look!

What is telematics & fleet management specifically about?

  1. First, the term is explained. Where does fleet management come from? What does it actually consist of and how is it applied?
  2. Subsequently, further contributions put the topic into context and provide background information.
  3. Afterwards, the practical relevance is established and application examples are explained. What do I need a telematics sensor for? What are the advantages of the right software?
  4. In our blog, we will give an outline of how large the department actually is and which fields and tools it actually comprises.


Then take a look! We are happy to give you an overview of specialist topics and hope to break down complex issues with affable language and bring you closer to the broad field of telematics in a clear way. We love it and want to infect you with our passion. Take a look!

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