Driving and rest times

Driving and rest times are constantly being changed. The latest updates are therefore especially important for truck drivers. Questions such as: what is permitted? what is prohibited? what should be paid attention to? arise again and again. Why? Because the regulations change regularly! This is not only exhausting, but also harbours many dangers. Errors in documentation are rarely forgiven by the tax office - even if they were not caused wilfully. Since YUKA.digital knows this suffering, we regularly draw on the knowledge and information of our experts: routecontrol, however, not only provides advice and support, but also has the uncomplicated solution right at hand. Find out how the fleet management software solves your problems in the following article!

Driving and rest times - Who has to observe which regulations?

The year 2022 has again led to a renewal of the regulations. The regulations, the so-called EU Regulation 561/2006 , define all requirements in detail and also contain guidelines and instructions for drivers. But to whom exactly do these regulations actually apply?

The driving and rest times are set for drivers of vehicles with a maximum authorised mass, including trailers, exceeding 3.5 tonnes for the carriage of goods or passengers for hire or reward within the EU.

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Driving and rest times - what's new in 2022?

The daily driving time must not exceed 9 hours per day in commercial goods or passenger transport.

However, there are exceptions and special regulations: twice between two weekly rest periods it may be increased to ten hours.

However, contrary to common understanding, the definition of driving time is to be understood as pure time behind the wheel. This means that the driver is actively driving. Temporary standing, such as parking at a rest area or similar, does not count as driving time.

Stopping at railway gates, traffic lights or in traffic jams is only considered driving time if it is the longest activity within one minute - otherwise it is considered working time.

This sounds complicated - it can be, unless you use routecontrol.

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Driving and rest times made simple? Our system from routecontrol

Driving and rest times, driving times, break times and much more, can be automated and error-free transferred into a digital system with our simple system from routecontrol.

In short: Our software can be connected to a so-called digital tachograph. By the way, this has been mandatory in all trucks over 3.5 tonnes since 2006!

How exactly does this work? When the car is stationary (ignition switched on), the tachograph reacts. If the ignition is switched off, the tachograph registers the break in the journey and stores it as a rest break, thus switching from driving time break to rest break.

After that, the current status of the vehicle movement is saved at short intervals and can automatically document the information in the electronic driver's logbook. This data is then of course available for download.

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